Though we had shared our home with other dogs before, a cocker spaniel, and 2 Dalmatians, it’s our first Miniature Pinscher, Gemma spod Katedry, who unquestionably started the Miniature Pinscher monarchy in our small kingdom. When buying Gemma 16 years ago, we didn’t consider establishing the kennel; however, with years and days our interest and commitment grow bigger and bigger, and it just happened spontaneously.


In January 1997 we registered our kennel in The Polish Kennel Club under the name of Ratlerrimus, and we raised Gemma’s first puppies. Unfortunately, we didn’t keep any pup in the kennel. When few years later we decided to expand our pack, it turned out that Gemma got in sheer desperation about the whole idea. As we care deeply about the health and happiness of our small home mates, we decided not to prefer our own whims to Gemma’s peace of mind and let her be the only child as she wished.

Although the activity of our kennel was so to speak suspended, we didn’t waste that time and focused on studying the breed, getting familiar with the Polish and international pinscher scene, getting in touch with other breeders, and making friends with other pinscher-people from all over the world. Meanwhile, Gemma grew fond of travelling and got back to the show rings, as a veteran. Her big successes was the 4th place for 34 dogs in BIS, Nowy Dwór National Dog Show, and being awarded with the Veteran Winner title, the Polish Club Show in Łódź, both in 2004.

It was so hard to put ourselves in shape after Gemma’s death, especially to love someone new. Nevertheless, we had to be strong, and make a new start just for her, to continue what she had started.

Me and Calka

In May 2008 we brought from Jarosław, Poland, our new baby, Calka Pin-Min. Then in 2009 we registered our kennel in FCI under a slightly modified name - Gemmae Ratlerrimus.

The reactivation of our kennel is a tribute to Gemma, and the breed we devote every spare moment ... and money ;)

At present, we have only two females - Całka and her daughter Gloria; however, we’ve been looking for another one so hopefully soon our pinscher family will grow. Our boy Gordon lives nearby with our friends Arek and Natasha. Yet we don’t have conditions for running a big kennel, besides we assume that it’s hard to demonstrate enough love, attention and individual attitude to everyone when having many dogs. Thus we definitely stand for quality not quantity.

Dogs are our hobby not the way of making money for living, so our only aim is to work for the breed ... and of course the pleasure of being close to those amazing creatures.

We truly hope to share with you our sheer passion and fascination for that wonderful breed.

Pinschers made a difference also in my professional life: I’ve been working for some years as an interpreter during international dog shows; and currently, having 2-year-training and a judge assistant exam passed, I’m practising in the Polish Kennel Club to be the F.C.I. judge for II.1 Group.

Feel warmly invited to get in contact with us.


We live in Warsaw in the capital of Poland. Although, we are far from being fond of big cities we are lucky anyway, because our home is located just a few minutes from a stream, lakes, meadows, and a beautiful oak grove. We take advantage of that green areas everyday and take our dogs for 4km walks. Our pinschers live with us at home, they go with us on holidays, they sleep...oh yes I’ll be honest with you, they sleep with us in bed, they visit our friends, they are taken to few befriended restaurants. They are our family members, and make our world go round.

Gemmae Ratlerrimus

Why did we choose such a name? Good question. However, we’ve being living with Ratlerrimus for over 13 years, my first intention was to name the kennel "Sarento”, which was supposed to refer to the picturesque Italian city Sorento and a Polish word ‘sarna’, which means a ‘deer’. As when registering it’s better to give a few potential names just in case, I did so. Unfortunately, I didn’t mark my favourite one. You can imagine my sheer surprise, when I received my registration number and congrats on being the owner of ... Ratlerrimus Kennel. There was no time for any correction and complies so we had to leave it as it was.

After Gemma’s death I decided to change the name of our kennel and make her live in the name for ever. So we renamed it for Gemmae Ratlerrimus - The Gems of Ratlerrimus (Lat.).

I know the word "Gemmae" may seem to be user-unfriendly, however the devil’s not so black as he is painted. According to the Latin pronunciation it reads as /Gemme/, or /GemmaI/. Not so scary, isn’t it?

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